I believe that everything in the universe is deeply connected and gravitating toward a state of unconditional love and wholeness. Our movement toward nirvana is impeded when this natural flow of energy is disrupted. Creating balance and living in sacred relationship can thus restore personal and global harmony and heal the world. 


The Power of Shamanic Healing

My Role in Your Healing Process

My Philosophy

Shamanic Healing

My primary role is to serve Divinity and to act as its vessel in your healing process. I utilize my relationship with Spirit to receive guidance on how to best meet your needs. I then create a safe space where we work together to accomplish your personal and spiritual goals with mutual respect, reward, and understanding.  


Shamanic healing is an effective tool to gain insights, receive guidance, and restore balance. Shamanic healing relies on the power of nature and the spirit worlds to facilitate the therapeutic process. Nature is a powerful tool for the shamanic practitioner since it is the source of all life on earth (and therefore connected to all living things on earth). Shamanic healing thus revitalizes the mind, body, and spirit and encourages natural healing and growth processes.

"Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better."

     - Albert Einstein

"Love is helping someone take their mask off." I feel that your work is helping me with that Lisa.
- Chloe 

​The shamanic healing session you facilitated... is helping me along on my journey to heal and become whole again. Thank you!
​- Rachel