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Modern Day Shamanism

​​​Shamanism is a way of life rather than a religious or spiritual doctrine. Many people consider shamanism as the oldest way of engaging with the world known to human kind. It dates back 100,000 years or more and was practiced by people from all over the world, including people of European descent. Shamanism teaches us to live in harmony with everything – both seen and unseen – and to approach life from a state of gratitude, respect, and mutual regard. These tenets are as relevant today as they were 100,000 years ago.

The shamanic practitioner is inspired by nature and the healing forces contained within nature. Nature is a powerful tool for the shamanic practitioner since it is the source of all life on earth (and therefore connected to all living things on earth). Shamanic healing revitalizes the mind, body, and spirit and encourages natural healing processes.

The natural healing inherent in shamanic work encourages a life of love, balance, and appreciation. Consequently, these attitudes foster personal and spiritual growth that moves both self and others. For instance, compassion expands into the universe when we assume its qualities. It then floods others with a similar illumination. We thus heal others and the world through our own healing process. 

Shamanic healers develop and refine their relationship with Spirit to help others reach their highest potential in this lifetime. There are a variety of techniques a shamanic healer may use to accomplish these goals. Some healers may work with tools (e.g., stones) by transferring the energies of those tools to the client or vice versa. Other healers may utilize the use of percussion (e.g. a rattle or drum) to guide the healing process. Still others may work with herbs and plants or energetic fields, or use their intuitive abilities to offer guidance. Many shamanic healers use a combination of techniques and individualize sessions based the needs of the client.

Shamanism is thus an incredible tool that can be used to develop self and progress the soul journey, regardless of culture, religion, or time.

The love that permeates the universe is ever evolving but always there to welcome us in sacred embrace. When we open our hearts to this embrace we become whole and free.