A day of nurturing the sacred female archetype

Compassionate, creative, gentle, intuitive, nourishing, powerful, strong and wise… now more than ever should we cultivate these qualities in ourselves, our communities and on Earth.

Join us on Saturday May 5th from 9AM until 9PM for this potent workshop on awakening the divine feminine in a time of much needed empowerment and healing. The workshop will involve creating sacred space, connecting with feminine attributes, learning about Goddess archetypes, participating in experiential exercises, sharing your thoughts and receiving support from other group members. Limited seating is available. Women and men are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Heron House Earth Sanctuary, 102 Russell Road, Roswell, GA 30075

$150 registration fee; $50 deposit due by Saturday April 21st

Registration fee includes lunch and a one-hour Qigong class (optional)

Information on accommodations available upon request